The Middleburg Upstanders

Middleburg Community Charter School (MCCS), from Middleburg, VA promotes Upstander behavior by engaging students in immersive classes...Read More

Upstander Alliance

Together we can put an end to bullying...for good!

Students & Educators—we need YOUR help to create safer, more supportive, and positive schools this year! Here’s how you can make a difference:

About Us

BullyBust launched the Upstander Alliance to empower youth in the effort to prevent harmful harassment, teasing, bullying, and cyberbullying across our schools today. We know that students can positively change the way we communicate with the right tools and supports. The Upstander Alliance provides free resources to help student teams, in collaboration with adult moderators at the school, create targeted community-wide engagement projects focused on preventing bullying and raising awareness. Through the Alliance, team members will have access to detailed tools for creating and sustaining their group, opportunities to connect with artists, experts, and youth leaders who are making a difference, and will also be able to share their experiences with other Alliances across the country.

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