Make a Difference—Support BullyBust!

Research shows that cracking down on individual bullies is seldom effective, but a school-wide commitment to end bullying can reduce the problem by 50%. NSCC launched BullyBust, our community-wide bully prevention awareness campaign designed to help students and adults “stand up” to bullying and become part of the solution to end harmful verbal harassment, teasing and violence in our nation's schools.

Today, BullyBust reaches more than 500,000 students in more than 4,000 schools and districts nationwide, but we know there are thousands more in need of our help.

We are asking for support from you—our friends, parents and educators—to help us reach these students and ensure that we create a community of “upstanders” who support NSCC's vision that all children deserve to develop the essential social, emotional and intellectual skills to become healthy and productive citizens.

We need your support! Your contribution will help make certain that BullyBust continues to grow in the year ahead, providing high-quality bully prevention supports for free to every school that needs them.

To make a donation through the organization directly, please contact: [email protected] and reference “BullyBust donation” in the subject line.