Partner Schools Program

The BullyBust Partner School Program was a huge success!! Our kids are now reporting the “Upstanders” of the school instead of the bullies! The reports of bullying have gone down over half of the reports from last year! I am so impressed with this program that I am going into the community with it. The teachers are so happy that we began this program. Thank you!
—Carol Little, School Counselor, Weiner, AR

We are thrilled to present the Upstander Alliance, a dynamic resource which empowers youth to partner with educators using guided tools and resources to engage their peers and the entire community in the effort to prevent bullying. Start an Upstander Alliance at your school today!

Join the Partner Program now to download these free resources!

Upstander Alliance Student Kit

This detailed guide provides youth with concrete tools and resources to begin their own school-based Upstander Alliance teams focused on creating a community-wide effort to prevent bullying. Through this kit, and the linked expert resources on the Upstander Central, students will learn valuable leadership and community engagement skills to create and sustain a successful Upstander Alliance.

Upstander Alliance Moderator Kit

This tool kit is designed for adult moderators at each school who will be supporting the youth engagement efforts. The kit includes guidelines, best practices, and a host of resources to ensure that the Upstander Alliance has beneficial and empowering ongoing support to reach its bully prevention goals with the entire community.

WICKED Stand Up To Bullying Student Kit

This student supplement explores the way in which bullying affects every person, and shows how students can stand against bullying in their own communities. The supplement brings this message to life by using the inspiring story of the Broadway musical WICKED and real-world examples from the news.

WICKED Stand Up to Bullying Teacher Kit

This educator’s tool kit has been created to help raise awareness about the harmful effects of bullying. Using the story of WICKED, this packet of information and activities aligns with the student supplement, and empowers you to explore and promote powerful “upstander” themes – acceptance, friendship, and empathy —with your students in an ongoing, organic way.