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BullyBust: Promoting a Community of Upstanders is a nationwide bully prevention campaign that supports students and adults to become “upstanders”—people who stand up against bullying or mean/cruel behavior, and mobilize the entire community to end harmful harassment, teasing, and violence in our nation's schools. Join BullyBust to make your voice count! Through this site, you will have an opportunity to SHARE your stories, PLEDGE your commitment to the cause, ACCESS key resources for students, parents, and educators, and CREATE a school-wide effort of hope and solidarity. Together, we can put an end to bullying!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017 "For Good" Video Contest

BullyBust and WICKED are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2017 “For Good” Video Contest! Click here to see the winning videos.

Grand Prize Winner - Middleburg Community Charter School in Middleburg, Virginia won the grand prize — a special school visit from a WICKED the Musical cast member!

Stafford Intermediate School in Manahawkin, New Jersey
Midway Elementary School in Cleveland, MO

STAND UP to Bullying—Start an Upstander Alliance at your school today!

The Upstander Alliance provides free resources to help student teams, in collaboration with adult moderators at the school, create targeted community-wide engagement projects focused on preventing bullying and raising awareness. Through the Alliance, team members will have access to detailed tools for creating and sustaining their group, opportunities to connect with artists, experts, and youth leaders who are making a difference, and will also be able to share their experiences with other Alliances across the country. Download the free toolkits and get started now.

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Broadway Show WICKED Teams Up with BullyBust!

The National School Climate Center (NSCC) is proud to be partnering with the Broadway musical WICKED to bring the Witches of Oz to life in classrooms across the country with critical bully prevention supports for the Fall 2017 BullyBust Campaign. Schools can get involved with the cause by joining the Partner School Program, which will provide classroom-based supports including WICKED-themed activities, resources, and a national video contest being announced later this fall.

BullyBust is an awareness campaign designed to reduce bullying in schools by teaching students and adults how to stand up to bullying and promote upstander behavior. An upstander is someone who witnesses bully behavior and does something about it. Use the resources on to transform your school or community from one of passive bystanders to a community of positive upstanders. Together we can put an end to bullying!

Educators, get critical supports for your school and join a dedicated community of schools nationwide: Sign up for the Partner School Program today.


Check out our updated RESOURCES SECTION, full of takeaways, programs and website links designed to help you deal with bullying in school or at home.